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Adventure #1: A Hike with Wolves (Golden, British Columbia)

What animal do you feel most connected to? Whether it is based on appearance or character traits or a spiritual connection, I’m convinced that everyone has an animal with which they most resemble or resonate. Take a moment and think about yours.

For me? I’ve always been most drawn to wolves. Always.



In 2011, when we took our first road trip through Canada – Toronto, Ontario to Tofino, British Columbia and back in 19 days – I wanted so badly to photograph a wolf. Everyday we’d wake up at 5am and drive slowly along wild roads, watching the sun rise and the animals wake. I think it’s moments like those when I felt most alive, before the world is awake and in the middle of nowhere. We’d see bears, moose, foxes but never a wolf. In an old thrift/antique shop we saw a wolf pelt, but it’s never the same when the animal is missing its internal organs, sitting next to half a lynx on a Mexican blanket.


On our way home, we came across a pamphlet that advertised a “guided hike with wolves” in Golden, British Columbia; I put it in my pocket it, then when we got home on my bulletin board, and dreamed of photographing wolves ever day for nearly two years.

In the summer of 2013, we took our second road trip together – west to British Columbia and then all the way north to Inuvik, North West Territories and back in 21 days. What I wanted most from this trip was to hike with wolves. On day 17 or so, we went to the Northern Lights Wildlife Centre in Golden British Columbia to spend an afternoon hiking with wolves. _MG_7348

It was the  most magical experience of my life.

I’m certain if I didn’t have to leave, I would have stayed there forever.


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