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Adventure #6 Getting Lost on the Cabot Trail (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)

The thing I hate most about road trip is just sitting in the car. Gerald loves it, it’s his favorite part but I get antsy and need to get out and move my body every now and again. So when we began planning some hikes along the Cabot Trail, it was a dream come true. Give me a forest to get lost in, a goofy best friend to get lost with, and beauty to capture and I’m the happiest I could be.

There were about 26 hiking trails along the Cabot Trail.  Someone we stumbled on suggested the Skyline Trail, a 9.2km trail boosting a dramatic headland cliff above the rugged Gulf of St. Lawrence coast and a chance to see moose, bears, bald eagles and boreal birds. ❤


We had our backs, cozy blankets, a snack, our camera gear, bear spray and were set! We began hiking and about an hour or so into the woods, we remember that we left our go-pro on the car. Fuck! We were about half-way into to our hike, so there was no point in turning back. We’d have to wait and see if our little camera was there when we returned.

On route, we came across an 87-year-old man and his son. They had planned to hike all trails in Cape Breton and had already done a good number of them. What a memorable way to connect with family. We walked with them for a while, sharing travel stories. We told them how we wanted to visit every single National Park in Canada and it would likely take a lifetime. But seeing people still going strong as they approach their 90’s makes these wild goals seem doable.

When we got to the last look out station, the view was breathtaking. Hundreds of wooden stairs took you towards the most serene view of the St. Lawrence Gulf.  There was a black bear, searching for tiny berries, in the distance that seduced hikers. We sat there for an hour, enjoying the view, taking pictures and video and debating whether we should stay and watch the sunset snuggled in our blanket (and walk back in the dark) or head back while it was still light enough outside. We decided to head back early, I was fiercely hungry. On our way back, we met Maggie, an adorable 3 month old golden retriever, who ate rocks while her humans were not looking.

When we got back to our car, we couldn’t see the go pro attached to the roof. As we got closer, we say that someone had taken it off the top of our car and put it near the wiper blades, to hide it and deter theft. Faith in humanity + 2.

It was a beautiful hike and we managed to catch the sunset on our way to our motel room. We parked the car by the side of the road to enjoy it and some sweet woman offered to take a picture of us and even though she missed focus, I love it to pieces.


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