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New Years Resolution – Set Small Manageable Goals

As New Years approaches, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by the 100’s of things I’d like to do with my life: graduate with my MFA, prepare for my best season of teaching, create a wonderful documentary film, get in better shape, go on wild adventures, make rock-climbing a bigger part of my life, reconnect to old friends and meet some new friends, push my photography business, learn Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop, update my website, create this blog, become a more skilled writer, videographer and photographer, etc.

I’m a compulsive list writer and I want so badly to compile an exhaustive list of the things I want from this year…however, I’m fighting the urge to do so.

I tend to set expectations for myself that are overwhelming and paralyzing. They are so impossible, that I freeze up, get nothing done and I feel horrible about myself and my abilities. At that point, I just give up, “if I can’t do it all, then why bother?”

This is the perfectionist in me and I abhor her. And if there is anything I’d like to work on in 2015, I’d like THIS behavior of unrealistic expectation setting to be it.

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been most successful when the goals I set are extremely small and very manageable. Each time I am able to cross that small goal off my list, I feel accomplished and motivated to keep going. So, if I want to become a better videographer, I’d ask myself what is one teeny, tiny thing that I can do TODAY to work towards that goal? And because it’s such a small steps, I’d actually do it. Then I’d get excited and want to take one more small step. Success begets success and small goals every day lead to progress.

This might seem very simple and easy for some, but this is something I struggle with. If you are like me, than let’s keep this in mind for 2015 together. 🙂 Let’s take our big goals and break them down until manageable steps and let’s not wait we’ve reach our big goals to be proud of ourselves. Let’s be proud of every small step we take towards reaching those goals. 🙂


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  1. When it comes to big goals, and so many of them. I have the same problem. breaking things down into smaller, more manageable, parts is the best way to go about it. I tend to go in and out of phases wherein I am great at doing this, but it never really sticks!

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