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Adventure #4: Meeting the Founders of Bedrock Inn (The Dempster Highway, Yukon)


As we continued along the Dempster Highway, the latitude increased, the trees got smaller, and the sky got bigger. Somewhere after Eagles Plains but before Inuvik, we got off the highway and drove up a small mountainside, hoping to catch a glorious sunset.  It was around 8pm and the sun was beginning to lower.



We parked close to the top and as we explored the area, we saw two men in the distance. Their names were Jady and Ryan and when we met them, they were sitting on a couch they built out of oversized rocks with their feet resting on a matching rock table. _MG_7740 _MG_7768

“We’ve created our hotel for the evening,” they explained, “and it’s called Bedrock Inn. It took us nearly four hours to make.”

_MG_7765  On the top of the table, there was a empty bottle of water filled with local flowers. This was one of the nicest hotels we’ve visited to date. ❤_MG_7762

As they spoke, they continued to toss shale rocks into a can positioned five or so meters away and invited us to play. I love any game where I have to throw things into other things and we happily started playing.

Gerald took out his grill and made hot chocolate and macaroni and cheese for everyone. They were also doing a road trip across Canada and were also intending to drive up to Inuvik, wanting to swim in the Arctic Ocean._MG_7770


We sat with them talking, eating and playing rock-can until nearly 3am. It is so easy to lose track of time when the sun never really sets.

We slept in the car that night, on top of the world.


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