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101 Adventures – Project Introduction

It’s a few days until Christmas and I had a really hard time writing a list of the things that I wanted this year. Besides a dream studio, I have everything I could ever want in life: a home, a loving husband, a snugly dog, my health, a solid education, a career that passionately consumes me, hobbies to enrich my days, a handful of golden hearted people, an office with a window, and enough sports, adventures, and books to make my heart beat wildly.

There is nothing else I need or want except time to appreciate it all.

So often we don’t even realize how full our lives are until we take time see all the beauty that’s there. Not just see but really look.

Two days ago, Ger and I had dinner at my cousin’s Mary-Anne’s place. She is also a photographer and has been such an inspiration for me over the years. We were sitting on the couch talking about photography when she begin raving about a photographer named Shannon who had done a family shoot while she was vacationing in Hawaii. She shared Shannon’s website with me and her incredible photography project. Shannon called it her “30 Adventures in 30 Days” Project – essentially, she challenged herself to do something adventurous everyday and then document it on her blog, filling the pages with beautiful images and a story or two. ❤

My life is full (I work as a professional photographer and photography teacher. I am also a graduate student and am working on my first documentary film for my thesis project). I don’t have time now for 30 consecutive days of adventures. But I LOVED this project and wanted to begin my own. Immediately.

So, instead of 30 Adventures in 30 Days… I’ve decided to start an “101 Adventures” Project. Title Page 2

No time limit. Just 101 Adventures, when ever I can fit them in. 🙂 Simple. I figure it will take me a few years to even get to the half-way point, but the time will pass anyway and I can begin other more regular projects that I’ve been burning to do (like a 30 Days of Gratitude Photo Project or a 52 Weeks of Videography, or a 52 Weeks of Photoshop, etc.)

I’m so excited already. I’m certain it is a match made in heaven as it appeals two both sides of my personality. I’m a bit of a weird mix. I’m a home-body, drawn to cozy pants and hoodies and days tucked away in my office. Reading, writing, crafts. But I’m also intensely drawn to the sports, adventures and outdoors. What I want most out of life right now are not things but beautiful experiences.

This project will help me live a life that I want to remember and give me a chance to share some of my personal photography and the moments I’ve loved most. One day, when I’m old and even smaller (from shrinking), I can look back and really treasure all the days of my life.

101 Adventures ❤

Here we go. ❤









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