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Adventure#7: The Hunt for The Bluest Water (Tobermory, Ontario)

On anniversaries we promise each other no gifts, except those we make. It’s an effort to spend quality time together.

On August 8th, 2014, we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary and decided to drive up to Tobermory, Bruce Peninsula, for the weekend. Gerald booked a two night stay at a Bed & Breakfast called the Dry Dock, located steps from Little Tub Harbor in the center of Tobermory.

The first day we explored the town and shops of Little Tub Harbor and that evening we did a Sunset Cruise in the hopes to see Flower Pot Island. When we mentioned we wanted to do a hike to the waters to spend our day at the beautiful Georgian Bay Beach, the owner of the bookstore suggested we try the Halfway Dump Side Trail. “The Grotto”, she said, “is stunning but always packed. If you are looking for peace and quiet, try this spot.”

It was only about a 1.0km hike in until we got to the waterfront. We packed sandwiches, art supplies, a book or two, our cozy fleece blanket. We spent the day laying in the hot sun. I climbed the warm gray rocks as Gerald swam in the frigid turquoise waters. What a beautiful way to celebrate five years of marriage.

_MG_9225 _MG_9230 _MG_9233 _MG_9237 _MG_9241 _MG_9246 _MG_9269 _MG_9331_MG_9282 _MG_9274 _MG_9285 _MG_9292 _MG_9299_MG_9305 _MG_9362

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