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Adventure#3: Snuggling with Nutmeg (Muktuk Tours, Yukon)

Maybe I just missed Meatball but one of the things I wanted to do most during our trip across Canada was to be around dogs. So it wasn’t surprising that all I felt in my stomach were butterflies as we drove towards Mutkuk Adventures, a dog-sledding touring establishment located on Takhini River, 40  north of Whitehorse, Yukon.  Though it was summer and we wouldn’t be able to go dog sledding, the thought of just being surrounded by over 120 huskies excited me. I’ve located wolves since I was a little girl and huskies, as a result, have always been one of my favorite breed of dog; they are so wolf-like and wild. There were moments where all of those gorgeous dogs were laying quietly and then something riled one up and every single dog got excited. The energy of the place in those moments was palpable. It’s magic to be around them.

I’ve never felt so at home, so quickly, in a place so far from home. When I found out they rented rooms there and we could stay for the night, I was elated. We rented a small cabin and were able to snuggle next to one of the most affectionate huskies, Nutmeg.

The owner of the establishment was Frank Turner, the Yukon Quest sled-dog racing champion. He was full of stories of life in the great white North, living off the land and dog mushing from his 30 years there. He laughed as he exclaimed, “One time I drove my sled without glasses and went to grab a dog bootie off the trail only to discover it was a turd.”

If I could, I’d love to make my way back there and spend a few weeks really photographing it. Until that day, I’d love to try dog-sledding and one day get a husky best friend for Meatball. 🙂_MG_7368_MG_7449



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